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Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is perhaps the most important type of business insurance you can have. Let Gardian Insurance Brokers protect you and your business from potentially huge financial loss with a tailored public liability insurance policy.

Why choose Gardian Insurance Brokers for your Public Liability Insurance?

Our public liability insurance covers the amount your business is liable to pay when your business is found legally responsible for personal injury to a third party or damage to a third party property.

Gardian Insurance Brokers provide a range of commercial insurances for business, commercial motor, motor fleets, professional indemnity, and heavy machinery and for mining-related insurances.

What does Public Liability insurance cover?

Public liability insurance covers you against third party accidents and theft. These third parties can include members of the public, visitors, trespassers and sub contractors. Public liability insurance covers you when a third party becomes physically injured, has their property damaged or in some cases both.

Who needs Public Liability Insurance?

When considering if you need Public Liability insurance, there is a definite need to weigh all potential risks associated with any third party involvement you have in your business and the potential cost. As businesses can be liable for payments well into the millions (should the worst happen), public liability insurance is essential.

How much does Public Liability Insurance cost?

When thinking about Public Liability cover, you need to consider the amount of coverage you wish take out and if it is cost effective for your business. The cost of Public liability insurance will vary considering the amount of coverage chosen and from provider to provider. Working with an insurance broker is one of the best ways to find the best possible price to cover your business.


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