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Other Insurances

While many of the listed insurance categories may not be relevant to your current risk profile, we recommend review of all coverage types from time to time in light of changing needs and circumstances.  We will be happy to assist you with more information when considering these areas of cover.

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  • Accounts receivable
  • Advance business interruption
  • Asset residual value
  • Aviation
  • Boiler and pressure vessels
  • Bonds
  • Burglary / theft
  • Business interruption (loss of profits, consequential loss)
  • Computers (electronic equipment / data processing)
  • Contract works (and contract works liability)
  • Defamation (libel and slander)
  • Fidelity guarantee (dishonesty of employees)
  • Industrial special risks
  • Kidnap, ransom and/or extortion
  • Legal expenses / intellectual property
  • Livestock or bloodstock
  • Loss of licence
  • Money
  • Motor vehicle
  • Patent infringement
  • Political risks
  • Special contingencies (special risk, general property)
  • Charterers legal liability
  • Directors and officers liability/company reimbursement
  • Directors and officers liability/company reimbursement supplementary legal expenses
  • Economic loss
  • Employment practices liability
  • Environmental impairment (apart from sudden and accidental pollution)
  • Forged share transfer
  • Legal defence costs
  • Product guarantee
  • Product recall
  • Product tampering
  • Professional indemnity (errors and omissions)
  • Statutory liability
  • Takeover
  • Taxation indemnity
  • Transaction liability
  • Trustees liability insurance (a form of professional indemnity insurance)
  • Umbrella (difference in conditions) Liability
  • Unauthorised computer access
  • Extra territorial worker's compensation
  • Workers compensation
  • Workers compensation make up pay
  • Worker to worker liability






  • For Home, Contents & Landlords
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Private Motor Insurance
  • Commercial Motor Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Heavy Machinery Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Mining Insurance
  • Trade Insurance
  • Trade Credit Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Other Insurances